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Fit Out in Interior Design

Fit Out in Interior Design

Fit out allows the tenant to change, create or fix the interior to their desired styling and theme. Its  common practice when constructing commercial buildings where the spaces inside are left incomplete for the occupants to determine the level of refurbishment needed or fitting out. Fit out generalizes the process of making an interior space ready for occupation.  Building Interior installations such as ceilings, partitions, furnishings, internet connectivity, floors, MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing), and HVAC (Heating, Ventilation & Air conditioning) are selectively customized by the client to match their business goals. This allows the business to plan and create how the establishment will look like.

Fit Out vs Renovation.

Often, people confuse fit outs with renovations, and most times the two becoming used interchangeably. However, while they’re closely related, both have distinctive purposes and procedures. To easily understand these two terms, let’s take the example of an office fit-out.

Office fit-out involves taking an empty space and transforming it into a usable office set up. This means putting up structural features like window placements, door fittings, heating, plumbing, and ventilation.

Office renovation has more to do with the interior design aspects of the office which add the features needed to give the space a professional look. Ideally, renovation is more about revamping a space to give it more aesthetics. This may include painting, adding better furniture, and including some décor items.

Types of Fit-Outs

Commercial fit-outs are classified into 3 major categories: Shell-Core fit-outs, Category A and Category B. To make a more informed decision when fitting out a commercial space, you need to understand what each category involves:

·      Shell and Core Fit Out

Here, the framework of the building is already in place waiting for the fitting out process. From the outside, the envelope of the building may appear done, however, it’s missing several components such as cabling, power, interior walls, lighting, and heating. This allows a business to customize a space fitting to its specifications and this is suitable for large companies taking up a lot of space.

·      Category A Fit Out

Category A fit-out dominates in commercial spaces that are ready for renting. This is a basic functional unit with some utilities such as electrical wiring and plumbing fixtures already in place. Usually, a Category A fit-out will involve installing features such as: Electrical outlets, raised access floors, new HVAC systems. fire protection systems, toilets, grid ceiling.

Basically, the space is functional but lacks the secondary features of design that’ll make it fit for its intended use. From this building phase, a business moves in and implements a Category B layout.

·      Category B Fit Out

Category B fit-out is the layout that considers your business needs and image. This fit-out involves installing features and systems lacking in Category A. A creative design fit-out phase where the space is made to be more specific to the business.

This phase may involve window treatments, adding furniture, installing the lighting, adding some flooring, partitioning, painting, and branding.

Category B must finally be inspired by the company’s culture, work ethics, team size, and protocols. This is the stage to tap into your creativity and business style to create a compelling brand image.

When to contact a fit-out contractor – Artefirma Interior Design

Are you considering relocating your office or upgrading an existing one? Artefirma Interior Design, a reputable office fit-out company in Dubai, can assist you. We always meet and discuss more about what you got in plan. With our huge office fit-out experience, employees who work in an office that fosters cheerfulness and professionalism feels more capable of completing tasks. This can surprisingly quadruple your company’s chances of success thus having a productive workspace that benefits both your staff and your company’s bottom line. You can always contact Artefirma Interior Design office fit-out contractors to create a layout that keeps your staff interested and productive all the time in this regard. make your office extraordinary in fitting out as it contributes a lot to your business success.[/vc_column_text]

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