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Furniture Solutions – Artefirma Interior Design

Furniture Solutions – Artefirma Interior Design

Design spaces should not only be attractive, but they should also be practical, versatile, and comfortable. Artefirma Interior designers has the knowledge and experience to know how to choose the right furniture and color palette for each project. This all comes after understanding the space they have to work with.

Furniture is one of those finishing touches that bring your home together. This is the first reason you adore your home or office. It may help you generate a sense of harmony in your home. When it comes to furniture, we have a wide range of possibilities. Your decisions become influenced by the amount of space required for your furnishings, your budget, and the overall concept of your home.

Because there are so many various types and patterns to pick from, it might be difficult to narrow down your options. So, how can we go about choosing furniture?

We offer furniture from the leading manufacturers, remembering about the satisfaction of the most refined tastes of customers. The world’s leading factories make exclusive furniture by the designer`s sketches for the most respectable interiors. We deliver furniture of the highest quality to the site. The sofas, chairs, cupboards, tables, and bedrooms which are admired for their distinctive characteristics.

The best collections of furniture from leading manufacturers will allow you to choose the best solutions for the bedroom, living room, kitchen, office, children’s room, and other rooms. Artefirma interior design will create an outstanding stylish interior meeting all your requirements.

Simple and long-lasting furniture is an excellent approach to creating a comfortable bedroom and living area. What works best is furniture that does not make a space appear cluttered while accommodating all of the essentials and convenience.

How we Support

  • Full support from assistance in choosing the furniture to its exclusive assembly on the site.
  • Professional selection of living rooms, offices, children’s rooms, bedrooms, kitchens at options and requirements of customers.
  • Delivery and assembling of ordered furniture by the qualified specialists.
  • Supply of luxury furniture for unique objects.

Furniture keeps the design and appearance of your rooms, making them more appealing. There are numerous more adjustments that may be made, such as painting, changing carpets, and acquiring new furniture. Furniture from offers the most incredible collection, with each item having attributes that indicate whether or not it is a suitable match. Having some knowledge of the fundamentals of purchasing high-quality furniture might be beneficial. You have alternatives not just in our stores, but also online, especially in this modern world where people know how to google

We provide a door-to-door service for furniture, carpets, curtains, flooring, and many other items anywhere in the united arab emirates.

Choosing furniture

Furniture Selection - Artefirma Interior Design
Artefirma Interior Design furniture choice during the development of an interior design project is a major necessary requirement. We must be clear about some stages prior to the choice of furniture as they also directly influence the success of the design:

  • Analysis of the project

The first phase is the one that establishes the objectives, through an analysis and a study of the scope of the project. In this first point, we specify with the client their tastes, expectations, ideas and objectives are. In addition, one of the key actions at this point is to analyze in detail the features of the space to cover.

  • Choosing a color palette

Define the style and the colors to be used. A selection of a color palette will define the color combination and alignment of the furniture and the decorative objects on the scene. Today there are online color tools to help you find the perfect color palette, tones and shades, such as colorhunt,  color-hex  and many others ,which easily selects different color ranges according to our theme.

  • Furniture style

Before filling the space with furniture without minding character cohesion, we clearly state our design we’re are trying to achieve for our project. The link between furniture, decorative objects and space must be clearly established to achieve coherence in our design. Below are some of the most demanded styles today:

  • Minimalistic style.

    A United States decoration style and the most suitable for clients who like simple and clean dispositions, especially those who opt for less is more. Within minimalism, we distinguish furniture by having cold colors, very similar to the walls and floors. In the minimalist style, smooth, fresh, simple spaces with uniform lines stand out.

  • Bohemian style.

    This features combination of different colors, textures, and casual elements, an appeal to life, freedom, and autonomy. The colors used in these environments are warm and striking, predominantly reddish, yellow, or orange tones. The materials that stand out in the bohemian style are warm woods, cozy textures that evoke happiness and fabrics with bright colors.

  • Rustic style.

    Here wooden floors are used, in warm tones and with a lot of luminosity. These are reminiscent of more homely spaces, providing comfort, warmth, and well-being. In this type of decoration, different textures to achieve an air of well-being throughout the space.

  • Mediterranean style.

    Distinguishes itself by having compositions where light predominates and is reflected in pure colors, the warmth of the materials and, above all, in the care for the small details. To achieve a connection and balance between indoor and outdoor spaces, this creates spaces with magnitude that in turn mix kind textures.

  • Spaces to be furnished.

Living room Furniture Selection from stylish color palette - Artefirma Interior Design
Living room Furniture Selection from a bright color palette – Artefirma Interior Design

At this stage, our major task as interior designers is choosing the best color palette and quality furniture. We selectively have to assign our beautiful furniture to specific spaces. Our client only specifies the exact number of areas for designing and new furniture added respectively.

  • Watching the Budget

Once the scope and every detail of our project is defined. We must create a budget to stick to during the execution of our tasks. Its highly recommended to include flexible, multi-functional furniture that is versatile and has more than one use. In short, furniture that allows us to cover the client’s needs using only one piece.

Finally, the first thing to keep in mind is your unique preferences and personality. This signifies to why you are selecting furniture based on your preferred style, design, and mood. More formal designs will entice those who like to spend their time in your soothing and pleasant setting. You could choose a more casual vibe if you want to make your property look more modern.

However, also remeber the existence of  many sorts of styles and varieties accessible on the market. This will assist you in narrowing down your options and making the best decision possible.

As expert interior designers, we combine all the perfect pieces and choose the right furniture for your project. Considering all the pieces that will bring your project to life. You can check some of our interior design projects  where you can discover the latest collaborative furniture for projects we have worked on.

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